Andrew Sheret Limited

Andrew Sheret Limited is an associated company to Frontier Plumbing & Heating Supply.

Andrew Sheret Limited has specialized in and distributed a variety of products in several fields since 1892, some of which include: Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Fireplaces, Irrigation, Pumps, Water filtration, Industrial and Water Works. There are currently twenty one locations throughout the province serving cities, municipalities and trades.

Groupe Deschenes IncGroupe Deschenes

Groupe DeschĂȘnes Inc. is an associated company to Frontier Plumbing & Heating Supply.

Wholesale distributor of plumbing and heating products, electrical and industrial supplies, fire protection products, refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation products and waterworks and sewer systems.

Groupe DeschĂȘnes Inc. has 81 outlets including 16 showrooms in 62 locations to serve the needs of its customers.

ad buying group

Frontier Plumbing & Heating Supply is a member of Affiliated Distributors, a dynamic community of independent distributors and manufacturers of construction and industrial products.

With over 570 independently owned members, 3,600 locations and representing seven different industries and three countries, AD members have collective annual sales in excess of $31 Billion.