Hydronic Heating Panels For Alberta and Saskatchewan

About Us

The idea of a hydronic panel is not new, contractors were building project panels 25 to 30 years ago. What is new, is the prefabbing of a hydronic heating panel. At Frontier we have taken it one step further, here we custom make heating systems that are made to fit building design requirements. We arrange the boiler, pumps, zone valves and control equipment onto a sheet of finished plywood. We then connect the system completely together, wire all the components and have it certified for installation anywhere in Canada. All the piping is tested and the units are flushed and shipped to site for install. This process has proven to be very beneficial to contractors, general contractors, and homeowners alike. Frontier builds all panels with the involvement of the customer.

What do we offer our contractors?

  • Custom hydronics panel builds for each job (manifolds, stands and special custom t-drilling).
  • Mounted and wired boilers for easy start-up.
  • All panels are electrically certified across Canada.
  • Each panel is tested in the shop.
  • Custom orientation of pumps and zone valves for easy install.
  • Pipe size adjustments for add-on (i.e. fan coils, or unit heaters)
  • Integration with multi-temperature systems for optimum efficiency.
  • Any size system, for any size building.
  • Time savings in assembly and electrical.
  • Space savings in mechanical rooms.
  • Support! We support our contractors by helping them on a job and solving problems they run into in the field.

At Frontier, we have a proven method of creating a custom panel that is tested, serviceable, quick to install, easy to connect, compact in design, electrically certified, and priced at a cost much less than if the panel was built in the field. Frontier has used this technology to build panels for the industry for over twenty years. Frontier has built and supplied over 4000 panels to the industry. We put our customers first, with the newest technology and the best quality products available in the market today.

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